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(Ghosts of Zagreb), Jadran Boban, HR 0000, chorvatsky / anglické titulky, 52 min

This film is a parallel journey through streets of Zagreb and memories of five surviving members of one of the strongest illegal anti fascist movements in ocuppied Europe during World War II. They describe those times as horrifying and terrible, but also as the most romantic period of their lives. While the sentiments for Nazi - aligned regime was reviving in contemporary Croatia, they were facing depression and disappointment, revealing fears and reviewing decisions they once made. This documentary becomes a travelogue through a hidden world of spirits that is still present in foyers and yards, on the stairs and in the passages of the old Zagreb, which, just like the men and women who witnessed its history, disappear every day.

Jadran Boban (Zagreb, 1969)
Historian and archaeologist, MA ( Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb). Works as a free-lance graphic designer and illustrator. Author of video and animation on a few theatre projects. He attended Motovun Film School, in the class of Srđan Karanović and Pjer Žalica. The Ghosts of Zagreb is his first feature movie.


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