Opening hours

every day
14 – 01


Feel free to ask the bartender to reserve your seats in our cinema bar.

Company details

The bar is operated by Aeropolis s.r.o., Moravské náměstí 3, Brno, BIN: 02035707

Drink inside the screening hall

Any beverages can be consumed inside the screening halls.

Tap water

Tap water available on demand for your two- and four-legged friends.

Take away

All drinks can be served as take away service.

Wi-fi connection

Free wi-fi, password available on demand from the bartenders.

Dogs in the cinema

Dogs allowed. The dog must be on a short leash and fully in control during the entire stay in the cinema. The dog must not stay in the seats.

Cash and cards

We accept payments in cash or by credit cards.

Alcohol for 18+

We don’t sell alcohol and tobacco to those younger than 18 years. We serve the older than 18 years only if they prove they know how to behave.

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