10 let s Festivalem krátkých filmů Praha 0+

různí, různé , original version/Czech subtitles, 101 min
10 let s Festivalem krátkých filmů Praha

Les Lézards / The Lizards

directed by: Vincent Mariette, screenplay: Vincent Mariette, dir. of photography: Julien Poupard,

editor: Frédéric Baillehaiche, producer: Amaury Ovise

cast: Vincent Macaigne, Benoit Forgeard, Ginger Romàn, Estéban, Mathilde Profit, Manon Droulez

The Lizards

Léon and his pal Bruno are in a Turkish bathhouse where Léon had arranged to meet a girl he met on the internet. Our two heroes experience strange encounters and vaporous revelations as they feverishly await the hypothetical arrival of this mysterious stranger.

France, 2012, Black & White, 15min.

Vincent Mariette graduated from the Screenplay Department of La Fémis in 2009. During his studies, he wrote a lot of short and length movies, alone or co-writing. In 2008 he directed his first short film, Cavalier seul. His following short films Le meilleur ami de l’homme (2010), Double Mixte (2011) and The Lizards (2013) were screened at many film festivals. In June, he presented his first feature film Tristesse Club (2014).

The Saddest Boy In The World

directed by: Jamie Travis, screenplay: Jamie Travis, dir. of photography: Amy Belling, music: Alfredo Santa Ana, editor: Kaspm Schneider

cast: Benjamin B. Smith, Kirsten Robek, Hailey Conner


The Saddest Boy In The World

Timothy Higgins is the saddest boy on Earth, and he’s getting ready to hang himself at his ninth birthday party.

Canada, 2006, Colour, 14min.

Jamie Travis (b. 1979, Canada) is a script writer, producer and designer. He graduated in film from the University of British Columbia with the short work Why the Anderson Children Didn’t Come to Dinner (2003). His other projects include the trilogy Patterns (2005), Patterns 2 and Patterns 3 (2006) and The Saddest Boy In The World (2006). In 2012, he directed a feature comedy For a Good Time, Call ... and last year he created a series Pretending (Faking It, 2013).

We Have Decided Not to Die

directed by: Daniel Askill, screenplay: Daniel Askill, dir. of photography: Denson Baker, music: Michael Askill, editor: Daniel Askill

cast: Ritual 1 Kasia Werstak, Ritual 2 Daniel Askill, Ritual 3 Jordan Askill

We Have Decided Not to Die

Three bodies, three places, three rituals and three stages of human life. A mystical film that mingles commercial spots and video for a rich visual blend that is at once art, ritual and fantasy. Eleven minutes that change time into energy, ignore gravity and abolish space.

Australia, 2004, Colour, 12min.

Daniel Askill

Daniel Askill (1977, Sydney ) studied design in Sydney and at Central Saint Martins in London. He directs short films, videos and commercials. We Have Decided Not to Die has won 15 major prizes at international festivals. Other films: Static (1997), Screen Violence (1998), Music to Die By (1999), Speed Thief (2001), Olympic Arc (2004). In 2014, he directed Sia's music video „Chandelier“ which had almost 400 million views at the end of the year.


directed by: John Williams, screenplay: John Williams, dir. of photography: Kate Mcculough, music: Antony Telfer Brown, editor: Jamie Pearson

cast: Adam Arnold, Soony Rooney



1985. A secret tree house. Two children disguised in animal costumes experiment to revive a bee. In fact, they are searching for a way to bring back something much bigger.

United Kingdom, 2005, Colour, 15min.

John Williams (United Kingdom) created his first comic strips when still at primary school and started with animations on his Amiga computer aged 11. In 2000 he moved to London where he has been working as an animator and director of music videos and advertisements, some of which won significant awards. Working restlessly for several  years, he decided to take one year off to work with schoolchildren affected by learning disabilities. During this year he shot his first actors short film Hibernation (2005). In 2009, he made another short film called Paraphernalia. He also introduced a feature tragicomedy The Beat Beneath My Feet (2014).

Tony Zoreil

directed by: Valentin Potier, dir. of photography: Vincent Warin, music: Jean Jacques Hertz, François Roy, editor: Nini Ranaivoarivony

cast: Nicolas Clerc, Audrey Marnay


Tony Zear

Tony is truly special. But because of his remarkable physical abilities, he has problems with girls, and his life is becoming a nightmare. One almost perfect girl, however, is willing to give him a try.

France, 2007, Colour, 20min.

Valentin Potier (b. 1982, France) is an ESRA Cinéma School graduate. Tony Zear (2007) is his first short film. He is also currently working on his first feature film.

The Centrifuge Brain Project

directed by: Till Nowak, screenplay: Till Nowak, dir. of photography: Ivan Robles Mendoza, music: Andreas Radzuweit, editor: Till Nowak

cast: Leslie Barany


The Centrifuge Brain Project

Since the 1970’s scientists are conducting experiments with bizarre amusement rides to study their effects on the human brain. Appropriating the aesthetics of a television documentary the short film takes a tongue-in-cheek look at man-kids confused search for happiness and freedom.

Germany, 2011, Colour, 7min.

Till Nowak (b. 1980) based in Hamburg, Germany, is running his own studio frameboX for digital art and animation since 1999. His animated short film Delivery (2005) brought him international attention by winning more then 35 awards, including PRIX UIP in Ghent, Annecy, AFI FESTHollywood, United Nations Mediterranean Environmental Award and others. In 2006 he was nominated for the European Film Awards.

West Bank Story

directed by: Ari Sandel, screenplay: Ari Sandel, Kim Ray, dir. of photography: Gavin Kelly, music: Yuval Ron, editor: Avi Youabian

cast: Ben Newmark, Noureen DeWulf, A.J. Tannen, Joey Naber


West Bank Story

A funny musical about an Israeli soldier, David, and a Palestinian girl, Fatima, who fall in love amid a bitter fight between two fast food chains on opposing sides of the Middle East conflict. Hummus Hut vs. Kosher King, or the Israeli-Palestinian crisis in an Oscar-winning short film.

USA, 2005, Colour, 21min.

Ari Sandel (b. 1975, USA) studied media arts and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Southern California’s school of Cinema-Television. He has made music videos and TV shows. West Bank Story (2005) is his first film. In 2006, he made the feature documentary Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights, screened at the Toronto Film Festival. His feature film The Duff (2015) will premiere in US theaters in April.




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