10 rules how to pick up a girl 0+

(10 pravidel jak sbalit holku), Karel Janák, CZ 2014, Czech version, 100 min

Mark, the main hero of a new film comedy, is a typical example of a young outsider, living in his own universe. He's smart and kind astrophysics student, whose greatest love are not only stars, but also horoscopes. His career, however, disrupts the dream girl and Mark falls in love with her so hopelessly that he fails his test at school. At this moment Mark´s friends engage in the issue. They decide to ask Mark's father, who is a successful publisher of a series of bestsellers on the topic: how to get a woman, for help. Together, they begin to prepare great strategy game for Mark to find a way to the beloved girl. However, it caused many great troubles. Mark under the guidance of his father and friends undertake a very peculiar girls psychology course. Nevertheless is it possible to apply these rules really well in a real life?

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