13 Assassins 0+

(Jusannin no shikaku ), Takashi Miike, J 2010, Japanese version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 141 min

Takashi Miike has gained international acclaim and fan following thanks to his wild and imaginative handling of genre film clichés. In his 20 years in the Japanese film business he directed over 80 films and TV series in a whole variety of genres but it is just now that he has finally got his hands on a samurai epic. His grandiose remake of the Eiichi Kudo’s 1963 film thoroughly respects the style of classical samurai films but enhances it with a touch of modern-day realism. The story of 13 samurai who pledge to kill a corrupt official culminates in a spectacular blood-drenched battle where the heroes face off hundreds of opponents.

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