17th Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics MU 0+

(17. Filmový festival Fakulty informatiky MU), 150 min

17th traditional Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics presents short films made by students of Masaryk University. This year's motto is "Move the picture".

Don't miss the chance to see the best movies created by students of MU. Film Festival of Faculty of Informatics MU is the result of the work of students, who created short movies during their two-semester Film language course - their films will compete with films of other students and graduates from MU. The winners will have a chance to win in two categories - The Jury prize and The Audience prize. Your vote might decide who wins! 

The festival screening will take place at two locations simultaneously at Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University and at the University Cinema Scala. (English subtitles will be available only at the Faculty of Informatics)

Entry into the halls: 19:00
Start of screenings: 19:30

There will be an afterparty right after the festival.

Free entry.

More information here: festival.fi.muni.cz

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