18 Days in Egypt 0+

A. Salah - R. Salah, ET 2011, original version / English and Czech subtitles, 45 min
18 Days in Egypt

Before 25 January last year, few in Egypt could have imagined any change in the longstanding dictatorship that prevailed there. After the first demonstrations began, the Egyptian revolution lasted barely three weeks, or exactly 18 action-packed days. The rapid course of events was aided and abetted by the presence of the media, which included foreign television stations as well as photos and videos made by the protesters themselves. The documentary 18 Days in Egypt uses footage shot by Egyptian filmmakers who took part in the revolution. At the same time, it also follows what happened via the lenses of their cameras or phones. Thanks to an abundance of unique footage, this film offers a detailed chronicle of events. For several consecutive days, the revolution was a chaotic street battle not just with the police but with secret-police officers and agent provocateurs during which hundreds died. All the dramatic stages of the insurrection and its joyful moments are recorded from the point of view of the revolutionaries. The film’s authors, Ahmed Salah and Ramadan Salah, comment on individual events, explaining the phases of the revolution through film.


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