1944: Forced to Fight 0+

(1944), Elmo Nüganen, EST 2015, Estonian / Finish / German version with Czech subtitles, 100 min

July 16, 1944, the Soviet union associated Estonia to its territory in accoradnce with Ribbentrop – Molotov pact. 55 thousand estonian citizens were mobilized into the Red Army. Germany occupied this territory since 1941. Local people welcomed german "liberators" and 72 thousand of them even joined german military forces. German volunteers in so-called Baltic legions, Waffen-SS, were one of the best SS units. In september 1944, german units were evacuated and the Red army entered estonian territory. But not any freedom came with Soviets. The leftovers of estonian military forces was resisting to the Soviets untill 50s, when there came on murders, political trials, terror and even deportations to siberian gulags.

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