20 Centimetros 0+

Ramon Salazar, ŠPA 2005, Spanish version / Czech subtitles, 113 min

What’s the size of happiness? Twenty centimetres. Transsexual Marieta, born as Adolfo, wants to get rid of both that name and of the other reminder of her maleness – the 20 centimetres she hides under her skirt. Marieta suffers from narcolepsy; thus she can’t get a decent job and works the streets to earn the money for her surgery. After one such narcoleptic episode, in which she dreams she is a star in a lavish musical, she awakes while being rescued by a rugged hunk Raul. He is into her body, particularly her 20 centimeters. But Marieta faces a big dilemma: Should she accomplish her plans for surgery or live happily forever after with Raul?


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