200 000 Phantoms 0+

(Nijuman no Borei), Jean-Gabriel Periot, FRA 2007, without dialogues, 10 min

The award–winning French director Jean–Gabriel Périot, who last year won the short form film competition at One World with Even if She Had Been a Criminal, here approaches the wretched history of Hiroshima in a most unusual manner. In the middle of almost a thousand photographs varying in age, size and quality, stands one of the few buildings to survive the atomic bomb. Hiroshima's Industrial Promotion Hall, with its distinctive dome, was designed by the Czech architect Jan Letzel and opened in 1915. Through photographs, which are placed frame by frame as in an animated film, the viewer discerns the lively atmosphere of a busy city in the years before 1945. This further intensifies the depressing nature of the following series of gruesome moonscapes, where only ruins have stood in the vicinity of the Hiroshima museum building for many years. Périot's sophisticated documentary–photography collage is made all the more powerful by the music of David Tibet, a member of the British cult group Current 93.


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