269 Millions under Water 0+

(269 miliónů pod hladinou), David Čálek, CZ 2002, Czech version / English subtitles, 53 min
269 Millions under Water

This documentary follows the year of work People in Need performed after devastating floods hit the Czech Republic in 2002. It shows how – thanks to the flood team created by the NGO soon after the disaster – it was possible to apportion money to the people directly affected, according to their needs. It also maps the structure of the organisation from its leadership, who set the basic strategy, down to its social arbitrators. Also revealed are the fates of aid recipients, from first contact to the handover of a cheque. Above all, it emphasises the transparency in the management of money gathered in a public collection of 269 million crowns that were donated to a People in Need aid account. Featuring music by the group Traband, David Čálek’s film introduces several sad stories that eventually have happy endings and also captures the dedication of volunteers in Prague’s Karlín district and flooded villages.


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