28th Biennial Talks 2018 Brno / 2 0+

(Sympozium 28. Bienále Brno 2018 / 2), Czech and English language, 420 min
28th Biennial Talks 2018 Brno / 2

Three-day series of lectures and presentations by world-famous designers and design theorists.

The second day, Graphic Design and Quality Commerce, will introduce selected designers working in the field of commerce and collaborating with brands on visual styles, publications and the digital environment.


10:00 Aleš Najbrt (CZ)
11:00 Deutsche Japaner (DE)
12:00 A Practice for Everyday Life (UK)
14:00 Hey (SP)
15:00 Studio& (NL)
16:00 Mark Porter (UK)


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