2in1: 2 student film premieres 0+

(2v1: 2 studentské premiéry), CZ 0000, Czech version , 47 min
2in1: 2 student film premieres

director: Martin Smékal

An original documentary movie about a unique personality of the skateboarding world who has stayed unknown. An up-and-coming czech personality who came from a small town and in spite of his health problems got to the top of czech skateboarding. Ivo Prášek has been doing skateboarding his whole life. He started to compete with the most famous Czech skaters but in 2008 he was hurt - his spinal injury was quiet serious. However, he was really strong, he went through a long and exacting rehabilitation, and then he got back to the czech skateboarding scene. He pays a price for his freedom.

director: Jakub Machala

Filip desires to move from his home village to Prague and start his acting career. His desire is supported by Filip's girlfriend Míša who wants to run away from the village because of her love affairs. However, Filip takes care of his ill father who is afraid of Filip's leaving. Against the background of arranged marriage and the Roma village drama between parent and child, we uncover a hilarious story with a dramatic plot.


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