35 Shots of Rum 0+

(35 rhums), Claire Denis, D - F 2008, French-German version / Czech subtitles, 100 min

35 shots of rum are reserved for special, unique moments in life, and the heroes in this film by Claire Denis are moving slowly, affectionately and perhaps disconsolately towards one such moment. Aging RER train conductor Lionel has devoted his whole life to the care of his only daughter, Joséphine, and she has repaid him in kind. Their harmonic relationship is founded on mutual trust and respect and, even though it seems they don’t need anyone else, their small private world also includes two inhabitants of their suburban Paris apartment block – Lionel’s former girlfriend, the taxi-driver Gabrielle, and the solitary wanderer Noé, who lives only with what his parents left him – outdated furniture and an old cat. However, this unspoken sense of solidarity, mutual care and security begins to falter when one of Lionel’s colleagues goes into retirement, and Lionel is confronted with the inexorable passage of time and the need for change, a fact which he had refused to accept until now. The time has come for Jo to start living – and Lionel as well... The director presents her study of approaching adulthood, aging, hopes and loss chiefly through feelings, looks and gestures.

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