4th Vegan dinner 0+

(4. Veganská večeře), 0 min
4th Vegan dinner

Friendly meeting connected with the Vegan dinner. Cook, come, offer, taste, have fun...

You will see that vegans are not transparent and their cuisine is very diverse, varied and also tasty.

Dinner runs as a buffet where everyone can take whatever he/she likes. Plates and cutlery are available.

The 4th Vegan dinner will be enriched by the projection of Green desert documentary. After watching (and eating goodies) there will be discussion with a members of the civic association LESTARI. The association is focused on environmental protection and sustainable use. The goal of the association is to contribute to the protection of environmental stability, biodiversity, economic sustainability and cultural traditions in terms of today's developing world and beyond, all of that through the support of the Indonesian protective nongovernmental organizations or activist groups and through the campaign "Chance to Change" in the Czech Republic, informing about the issue of palm oil.


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