54 Hours 0+

(Gladbeck), D-CZ 2018, German with English and Czech subtitles, 1 x 88 min, 88 min

The dramatic reconstruction of real events from 1988 set in motion by an armed bank robbery. Over the next several dozen very tense hours, the police lost face and the media lost its innocence.

On a scorching August day in 1988, two men held up a bank in the town of Gladbeck in the Ruhr Area. As a result of police failures as well as the sensationalism of media which turned the incident into a widely watched event and the violent criminals into celebrities, the situation escalated into a three day long drama during which the robbers drove through several federal republics a killed three people. Based on meticulous research of countless contemporary documents, including television and newspaper coverage and police radio recordings, the gripping miniseries covers all aspects of the event.

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