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Sebastian Heinzel, NĚM - Bělorusko 2004, 77 min

Young German documentary filmmaker Sebastian Heinzel set off by train to the capital of Belarus, Minsk and decided to discover how his peers live there. With no ambition to paint a picture of the Lukashenko dictatorship, the director instead decided to examine the daily life of six young people with different ideas, fates and social backgrounds. Slava lives with Pavel, a decorator in a grey apartment block on the edge of Minsk and while they complain about a lack of freedom, they do not specifically mention politics. Twenty-one-year-old Alexandr, despite the danger of imprisonment, organizes protest demonstrations and is actively involved in the opposition movement. Additionally, the red-haired student of journalism Ludmila and twenty-two-year-old Olga, who studies movement theatre and earns extra money at a striptease bar, also have opinions about freedom of speech in Belarus. On the other hand Igor, a private in the army, is convinced that Lukashenko is the right man for the job. The documentary's lively style of filming utilizes songs from Belarus' rock bands and offers a portrait of the young post-Soviet generation divided into stagnation, resistance to the regime, and planning for emigration.


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