9.30 F Street 0+

Tarik Dahir - Jeff Gaul, USA 2004, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 87 min

9:30 F Street traces the origins of Washington D.C.'s fabled 9:30 Club and how it grew in significance to a generation searching for a way to express themselves through music. This unique relationship betwen club and audience spawned an entire subculture that evolved beyond Washington to influence the development of alternative music worldwide. Along the way, the club played host to influential local bands Bad Brains and Minor Threat, go-go legends Chuck Brown and Trouble Funk, and perhaps the most infamous smell in the city's history. The film features interviews with musicians from REM, Minor Threat, Rollins Band, Bad Brains, and lesser known but equally important members of this vital but until now overlooked piece of musical history.


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