A Berber Documentary Evening 0+

(Večer berberského dokumentu), Shamy Chemini, F 2009, French version, 90 min
A Berber Documentary Evening

In the course of the evening there will be screenings of two films: Messages kabyles (Kabyle Messages) and Les Abranis 20 ans – 1973–1993 (Abranis 20 years from 1973 to 1993).

In 2001, the Berber area of Kabylie found itself in a protest movement of historical importance, which spread across the whole of Algeria. After his return from France to his native country, Shamy Chemini meets the local inhabitants who long for liberty and justice, and takes part in their march into the capital of Algeria in protest against the intervention of the police, in which 126 of the demonstrates were killed and hundreds injured. His cousin was among the ones who were killed. The participants of the march shouted slogans such as “Pouvoir assassin” and “Ulac smah ulas” – We will never forgive.

The famous Kabyle group Abranis was formed in 1967 upon the meeting of Shama Elvaz and Karim Abdenour, who were soon joined by Samir Chabane and Mehdi Madi. These four young Kabyles live in France, where they work hard on their project, aiming to give it a more universal, modern form which would through its melody inspire to Berber sensibility. The festival of Algerian song in 1973 brings them into contact with audience, and that’s the beginning of their career. The band is celebrated during their tour in France as well as in their native Algeria, where they are however banned for several years. They record albums reflecting music of northern Africa and the Mediterranean, which show convincing approximation of cultures. They have loyal fans who still support them with zeal and enthusiasm. After Chaban and Madi quit the band, Karim and Shamy, open to the world, continue until 1993, cooperating with other musicians, all of whom are mentioned in the biographical book by Shamy Chemini, “Abranis – une légende”.

The screening is in partnership with the Project of Czech – French – Berber culture collaboration.


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