A Better Life 0+

(Lepší život), Jan Látal, CZ 2012, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian / Czech subtitles, 26 min
A Better Life

The film tells the stories of four migrants from the Ukraine, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Moldavia, who chose the Czech Republic as the country in which they want to live and work. What brings them here is the dream of a better life.

What is it like for them to live and work in the Czech Republic? How do they view our country and the mentality of the Czech people? What kind of problems do they have to deal with while travelling and living in the Czech Republic? Do these migrants really have a better life here?

The documentary tells the stories of migrants, and the role that the NGOs who work with these migrants play in the process of their integration.

A discussion will follow the screening. The screening is in partnership with the Association for Integration and Migration.


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