A Collection of Contemporary Iranian Animated Shorts 0+

(Kolekce současné íránské animace), various, IR 0000, Persian version / English and Czech subtitles, 79 min
A Collection of Contemporary Iranian Animated Shorts

Believe it or not, in the last 20 years all Iranian children have grown up watching The Little Mole and Pat and Mat on Iranian television. In fact, it is very common to call someone Pat or Mat in Farsi if they look or behave clumsy. Those Iranian kids who grew up with Czech animation and who followed the works of great figures of animation such as Jan Švankmajer are now making animated shorts for the next generation of children in Iran. And so this year the Festival of Iranian Films presents a carefully selected collection of some of the best contemporary Iranian animated shorts directed by the younger generation of filmmakers in Iran.

Rolling Pumpkin (Kadoo Ghel Ghele Zan)
Morteza Ahadi, 2011, 14'

*The Farmer and the Robot * (Keshavrz va robat)
Abdollah Ali-Morad, 2011, 21'

The Fox Who Followed the Sound (Roobahi ke be donbale seda raft)
Fatemeh Goudarzi, 2012, 10'

Cunning Tailor and the Young Man (Marde-e-Javan va Khayyat-e-Hilegar)
Rashin Khayriyeh, 2008, 9'

The Wolf and the Ewe (Gorg o Mish)
2011, 17'

Bald Pigeon Fancier (Kachale Kaftarbaz)
Sadegh Javadi, 2012, 8'


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