A Diary of Healing 0+

(Mes deux seins, journal d’une guérison), Marie Mandy, F - B 2010, English and French version / Czech and English subtitles , 91 min
A Diary of Healing

One day, director Marie Mandy discovered she had breast cancer. In one fell swoop, her life was changed by the awareness of being in mortal danger and her own feeling of powerlessness. That's why she decided to shoot a film about her difficult road to recovery. The resulting quest by this director-cum-patient offers proof of the fact that women are not properly informed of the possibilities of alternative forms of therapy or the option of combining these with traditional treatment. The patient therefore believes that the only possible solution is to pump her body full of chemicals, even though this is often unnecessary. With her own story, Marie demonstrates all the factors that accompany making a decision about your own body and its appearance. This decision-making process also illustrates the sexual stereotypes that are associated with the female form. Marie's documentary reminds us all how far removed problems can sometimes seem to us, unless we experience them ourselves.


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