A Friend of Mine 0+

(Ein Freund von mir), Sebastian Schipper, NĚM 2006, german / czech and english sub, 84 min

Karl doesn’t seem to care about anything. He leads his life in an apathetic way, without ever knowing what it feels like to be happy. One day his boss sends him on an undercover assignment to estimate the risk factor in the car rental business. Here he meets Hans, a character filled with excessive energy, who immediately takes Karl into his world full of fast cars, fun and also his princess Stelle. Karl finally experiences something like happiness, true friendship and love – most of all feelings toward Stelle. Just when Karl begins to experience life and happiness for the first time, his friendship with Hans is put to a severe test. Main actors Daniel Brühl, Jürgen Vogel and Sabine Timoteo have all acted in many other German productions such as „Good Bye, Lenin!“ and „The Free Will“.

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