A Hole In My Heart 0+

(Ett Hål i Mitt Hjärta), Lukas Moodysson, ŠVÉ - DÁN 2004, Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 98 min

Shot in the strictest secrecy, the film presents some of the most shocking and disturbing images in recent memory. It focuses on Rickard (Thorsten Flinck) and his son Eric (Björn Almroth). The shy kid spends most of his time in his room in their suburban apartment listening to techno. The father shoots amateur porn with his friend Geko and a girl named Tess. When the threesome drinks they lose all remaining inhibitions and act ever wilder. \"We are all products of our history,\" says the director. \"The film is about the past never ending and you go into the same apartment again and again and you try, in every way you can imagine, to get closer to another person and that other person is you. [But] film is not a diagnosis, it is a symptom....\" (source: Catalogue 40th Karlovy Vary IFF)


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