A Hospital at World’s End 0+

(Nemocnice na konci světa ), Otakar Štěrba, CZ 2008, Czech version / English subtitles, 25 min

Otakar Štěrba‘s documentary film will take us to the world’s highest mountain range where outstanding humanitarian acts of charity have been successfully executed.

In 2005 Dina and Otakar Štěrba studied socio-ecologic conditions in the villages of Askole, Chongo, Arandu, Kurfe and Hushe and decided to contribute their own money to the construction of water conduits which now bring fresh water from the mountains to the Chongo village and to the summer pasturage in Askole and.

In 2006, the International Humanitarian Organization Oneness Heart - Tears and Smiles carried out the project Kids to Kids. Czech and Slovak children completed thousands of gift packages for Pakistani children living in an area that was hit by a devastating earthquake in October 2005. These packages were handed out in schools and refugee camps which Vítězslav Dokoupil and Dina Štěrbová visited as well.

This time the aim of their study in Pakistan was to find a suitable place to build a Hospital Unit. In the same year, the Czech Humanitarian Organization Hand for Help bought a health centre building set. This 7 million CZK project (16 tons of panels, hospital equipment, medical material and pharmaceuticals) was sponsored by the Czech people and organizations. V. Dokoupil and D. Štěrbova took charge of the uneasy task to transport all of the above mentioned material and equipment into the mountains and to put the hospital into operation. Needless to say, they succeeded in doing so. The Hospital Unit stands at the Arandu Village, situated at the bottom of the Chomo-Lungma Glacier.

Not a single child passed away during the harsh winter season in the first year of the hospital’s existence.

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