A Jihad for Love 0+

Parvez Sharma, USA - VB 2007, original version / Czech subtitles, 81 min

"Why must heaven be the same colour for everyone?" asks a young Muslim from Iran seeking exile in Canada. There is one reason why he was forced to flee from his country. As a gay man, he was threatened with a harsh punishment according to the law. Nevertheless, like many other gays and lesbians from southern Africa, Pakistan, northern India and Egypt who are Muslim, he doesn't cease to have a strong belief in his faith. Can a gay man or lesbian still be a good Muslim in the eyes of other believers? At the request of those who appear in the film, director Parvez Sharma obscured half their faces. Attitudes to homosexuality are similarly negative throughout the Muslim world. Only the punishments differ, ranging from a flogging to prison or even being sentenced to death. Gays and lesbians from the Muslim world have different perceptions of their love for people of the same sex – they feel guilt in relation to Islam, but at the same time they don't want to renounce their feelings. They discuss whether the Koran might be interpreted too unilaterally, because it does contain some homoerotic elements. Will they live to see changes in the Muslim world so that they don't have to pay so dearly for their love?

The partner of the screening is the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World.


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