A Kid Like Jake 0+

Silas Howard, USA 2018, English version / Czech subtitles, 92 min

Jake is a four-year-old kid who doesn’t understand why it should be a problem to enjoy wearing dresses, and his parents, Alex and Greg, don’t want him to ever have to deal with this. When it comes to choosing the best preschool, the question arises as to the extent Jake’s gender identity should be a part of the admission process, as well as the approach that should be taken to raise a trans child in general. The film is an adaptation of Daniel Pearle’s successful play, telling the story of a middle-class family in New York, where it is difficult to find a spot in the overcrowded preschools even under ordinary circumstances. The film premiered at Sundance and examines in great detail the topic of parenthood, which should be sensitive and open to a child’s needs – even despite the sometimes rash efforts of others to put the correct and ready labels on everything.

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