A Killer Bargain 0+

(Nar tilbud draber), Tom Heinemann, NĚM 2006, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 57 min

Large retailers keep their prices low by importing products from Third World countries. North-west India is a region known for its production of cotton. Local families here are completely dependent on its growth and sale, and do their best to nip in the bud any potential danger to their crops. That includes using foreign anti-parasite chemicals, which they spray several times more often than is recommended. Labels warning against frequent usage are only in Danish. Such pesticides are banned in the European Union. Even their producer Cheminova does not use them in Denmark - only in India. The result of using cheap pesticides in terms of number of deaths is comparable with World War I. However, the Danish chemical maker is none too concerned by this. After seeing a documentary on the practice the managers of a retail chain which buys cotton in India are shocked, but low prices are their chief selling point. Their customers, meanwhile, might be able to respond to such practices, but the majority have no idea what is going on. The chain declares publicly that it maintains high ethical, environmental and moral standards.


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