A Little Monk 0+

(Dong seung), Joo Kyung-joong, Korea 2003, Korean / English subtitles, 99 min

A generation of three monks live in one temple and all of them have their wishes. The youngest one desires to have a mother, the older one wants a girlfriend and the oldest one, master of the temple wishes to be cold to the wishes of his disciples. One day, their dreams come true. A woman that lost her son wants to adopt the little monk and the older monk desides to leave the convent for a girl, but things don´t turn out to be so easy for them. The film works with natural light and an emphasis on nature, the lives of people, and the space where Buddhist teachings determine religious feelings.

Joo Kyung-joong was born in 1959. A Little Monk is his feature debut and the film was awarded at international film festivals in Shangai and Kuala Lumpur.


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