A Love to Hide 0+

(Un amour á taire), Christian Faure, FRA 2005, french version / czech subtitles, 102 min

An elegant, nuanced drama with horrific subject matter, A Love to Hide is set in Paris in 1942. Jean and Philippe, two young gay lovers in occupied France, risk their lives to hide a childhood Jewish friend, Sarah, whose family has been killed by the Gestapo. They struggle to survive as a makeshift family in a pitiless society. When Jean’s brother — a Nazi collaborator — arrives, their fragile bond is threatened. The spectre of tragedy slowly closes in when Jean is exposed as a member of the “third sex” and falsely accused of having an affair with a Nazi. With its flawless performances, A Love to Hide is a beautifully told story of the survival of human dignity in the face of inhumanity.


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