A Man Who Rose In Price 0+

(Muž, který stoupl v ceně), J. Moravec - Z. Podskalský, CZ 1967, Czech version, 85 min
A Man Who Rose In Price

Mr Benda, a married father of two children, works for a company that liquidates old banknotes - the so-called "annihilator". He likes to booze and usually does not remember anything the next day. After one drunken party, he is visited by a painter who tattooed his back in drunkenness the previous night. The painter soon dies and becomes famous after his death, bequesting all his work to a gallery. The image tattooed on Benda's back is considered the painter's best work by the professionals, and Benda thus becomes the possession of the gallery. In the beginning, he and his wife think they may earn decent money from his fame but what happens is just the contrary.

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