A Northern Soul 0+

Sean McAllister, GB 2018, English / Czech subtitles, 74 min
A Northern Soul

After shooting his last film in Syria, famous British filmmaker Sean McAllister turned his attention to his home town of Hull to tell the story of someone who, despite living on the edge, believes there is a purpose to helping improve the lives of others.

Steve loves hip hop and his daughter, whom he sees only once in a while. As a warehouse worker he spends his days carrying out a monotonous job without any hope of improvement and barely gets by on his paycheck. When Hull is chosen as the UK City of Culture 2017 Steve has the opportunity to create an original recording studio using trucks. For some local disadvantaged children it is a chance to experience success through rap and to attract the attention of those around. The director approaches the protagonist, whose life and existential problems are like those faced by thousands of others, with empathy and uses the film to openly reflect even on his own life.


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