A Prairie Home Companion 0+

Robert Altman, USA 2005, English version / Czech subtitles, 105 min

In his new film the wise old man of American independent film Robert Altman returns to the group portrait genre with a real-life setting (like his recent film The Company – 2003, profiling the successful Chicago dance formation). The focus of the story is Garrison Keillor, whose name is linked with the radio variety show “A Prairie Home Companion” and who also wrote the script for the film (and appears as an actor). This popular entertainment programme which lasted for three whole decades despite all sorts of media and personnel upheavals, becomes another Altmanesque milieu in which fiction merges with real life. The result is an ironic yet celebratory pageant of individuals who, for better or worse, bound their lives to radio showbusiness, where the director himself worked at one time. As is the custom with Altman films, the spectacle is all the more attractive for its star cast (who also give convincing performances as songsters).


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