A Rational Solution 0+

(Det enda rationella), Jörgen Bergmak, S - D - I - FIN 2009, Swedish version / English and Czech subtitles, 104 min
A Rational Solution

Erland and his best mate Sven-Erik live in a small industrial town in north Sweden. Both are happily married and contented. In their spare time, Erland and his wife May run a “counselling course” in the local church, a discussion forum for everyone who aspires to the perfect relationship they themselves enjoy based on mutual respect, understanding and an awareness that all problems must be discussed openly. Erland himself has to confront a potentially thorny problem when he falls in love with Sven-Erik’s wife, Karin. Erland’s next, utterly rational step is to suggest that all four should talk about it and consider his plan, in his view the only viable solution: the four of them should live under one roof together according to ten rules which they would draw up themselves. This unconventional experiment sends shockwaves through the entire small-town community. How far are our heroes prepared to go in the name of love? Will fiery passion triumph over years of carefully nurtured marriage? This wonderfully written piece with superb performances was premiered in Venice during Critics’ Week in 2009.


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