A Retrospective: Lordan Zafranović 0+

(Retrospektiva Lordana Zafranoviče), Lordan Zafranović, HR 1967, Croatian / Czech subtitles, 111 min

DP presents a series of short documentaries and featurettes by Lordan Zafranović, the most influential Croatian director, a representative of the \'black wave\' of the Yugoslavian film. Already in the beginning of the 1960s when he started to make his first experimental films, he wanted to fully dedicate himself to film production. He studied film direction at the Oscar-awarded director Elmar Klos at the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. After the studies he lived and worked in Zagreb, where he made a number of important films, such as \'Occupation in 26 Pictures\', \'The Fall of Italy\', \'Evening Bells\' or \'Passion According to Matthew\'. In 2011 he received a prestigious award for extraordinary contribution to the European film at the international film festival in Palić.

PEOPLE (PASSING BY) JUG 1967, dir. Lordan Zafranovič, 11 min, without dialogs Professional 35mm documentary as a replica to the director’s film \"Portraits (Passing By)\" from 1966. Portraits of people in Dalmatian town Split living on the edge of the society.

AFTERNOON (RIFFLE) JUG 1967, dir. Lordan Zafranovič, 15 min, Croatian / Czech subtitles Summer afternoon in a city yard. A young man, a boy, and a sparrow encounter a drama, the power of the summer siesta forces them into a meaningless crime.

SUBURBS OF IBIS JUG 1967, dir. Lordan Zafranovič, 30 min, Croatian / Czech subtitles Three old desperados on a summer afternoon rudely break up one innocent, pure love.

SYMPHONY OF THE HEAVEN CITY CRO 2004, dir. Lordan Zafranovič, 57 min, without dialogs / Czech and English subtitles The film is devoted to Shanghai, the cultural and industrial capital of East Asia. Shanghai\'s prosperity began in the first few decades of the twentieth century when the biggest world powers identified their interests in this part of the world. Is it possible that this miracle would be destroyed in 21st Century?


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