A Shot in the Dark 0+

(Um tiro no escuro), Leonel Vieira, PRT - BRA 2005, Portuguese version / English subtitles / translated to Czech, 105 min

Every mother’s nightmare becomes reality for Veronica, her baby daughter being snatched from her after talking with a stewardess in a Brazilian airport restroom. The only lead she has is that the stewardess is from Lisbon. Veronica moves to Portugal in the hope of tracking down the abductor and her baby. Relentlessly scouring the crowds at Lisbon’s Airport during the day, she spends her nights working – illegally – as an \"exotic\" dancer at a second rate strip club. Soon after being fired, she gets involved in a series of brash bank robberies that soon catches the attention of investigating sergeant Rafael Salvador. Veronica soon discovers that she and sergeant Salvador have something in common.


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