A Tale of Two Sisters 0+

(Janghwa, hongryeon), Kim Jee-woon, Korea 2003, Korean / English subtitles, 115 min

Su-mi and Su-yeon come back home from a hospital, where they´ve been recovering from a long illness. They both have a cold relatonship to their stepmother, but Su-mi seems to be very scared of her and is followed by a dream about her dead mother. The ghost of their mother seem to be hunting the house. Things are getting lost and old belongings of the deceased mother are back in the house. One day, Su-mi finds bloody stains on the way to her sister´s room, when she gets into a sudden fight with her step-mother. Shortly after that, somebody that sends chills down everyone´s spine appears in the main entrance.

Kim Jee-woon is one of Korea’s leading young directors, started his career as a stage actor. In 1997, he began writing screenplays and immediately won awards for two of them; Wonderful Seasons and the black comedy The Quiet Family. He was participating on the Asian ghost trilogy Three, of which he directed the segment Memories. His most recet title Bittersweet Life was screened out of competetion at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival and you can also see it at Filmasia this year.


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