A Town Called Hermitage 0+

(Poustevna, das ist Paradies!), M. Dušek - O.Provazník, ČR 2007, original version / Czech subtitles, 74 min

Dolní Poustevna is a town on the Czech–German border with an unusual history. After World War II almost all of the original inhabitants were forced to leave. Others have come for varying reasons to this town with no roots in order to start new lives. The adolescent Vietnamese girl Denisa is bored at her family's shop and saves up with a friend for a dream trip to her native country. A Sudeten German woman shares her sometimes moving recollections of the events of the war. A Dutchman called Dan is searching for a healthy way of life for himself and his family. Volker, an unemployed German in his 50s, loves Czech bars, markets and brothels as well as Czechs themselves, who he says know how to enjoy life. A group of mentally handicapped men from a local institute comment on the world around them. This film presents an amusing collage of the stories of the varied inhabitants of a �rootless� town.

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