A Virus Knows No Morals 0+

(Ein Virus kennt keine Moral), Rosa von Praunheim, D 1985, German version / Czech and English subtitles, 84 min
A Virus Knows No Morals

A reactionary sauna owner, whose friend is a student of theology and sings Bach´s choruses, a therapist, who teaches AIDS patients a mortal meditation and gymnastics, a reporter, who dresses like a man so that she can spy on gays, doctor Blut (Blood), who was infected with the virus in Africa, a minister with bad promises, a rich gay, these are the leading characters of the first German feature film about AIDS. A black comedy in which the stars are Berlin homosexuals and transvestites and a satiyrcal descitpion of first phase of panic that hit the society in the 80´s.

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