A World Not Ours 0+

Mahdi Fleifel, RL - GB - DK 2012, Arabic-English version / English and Czech subtitles, 93 min

Mahdi’s father has always filmed his family. One of the few to get out of the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, he maintains contact with his relatives via video. Mahdi, who grew up in Europe, carries on the tradition, filming family scenes on summer visits. Behind the apparently happy community of friends passionately following the soccer World Cup, he uncovers everyday life in a refugee camp, where the future holds little promise. Palestinians don’t have the right to officially work in Lebanon. They spend their time waiting, dreaming of return or retribution. The director’s guides are three generations of relatives and friends, each at a different level of resignation. His grandfather refuses to leave and abandon hope of going back to Palestine. His uncle is only interested in his birds while his cousin, slowly becoming disillusioned about Palestine’s future, heads to Europe. As a family chronicle, the film also documents efforts to maintain a relationship with a lost homeland. Folksy comic scenes and dark humour represent a counterpoint to the hopelessness.


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