Abdullah Ibrahim: A Struggle for Love 0+

Ciro Cappellari, NĚM-ŠVÝ 2004, original version / English & Czech subtitles, 58 min

A lush and philosophical portrait of the leading jazz musician and composer, focusing on his steadfast moral character as an activist and the deep sources of his musical imagination, both at home in South Africa and also in the many places he has lived in exile. Born in Cape Town and exposed to a rich variety of African, Indian, African-American and Islamic music, he first achieved success as Dollar Brand before fleeing abroad in the 1960s and connecting with mentor Duke Ellington. Made in honor of Abdullah Ibrahim's 70th birthday, the film is a tribute to his life and work, combining sensitive footage of performances and rehearsals with beautiful and emotionally rich imagery of the natural and social surroundings that inspire him.


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