Abnormal 0+

(Nienormalny), Jacek Blawut, POL 1990, anglické titulky, 78 min

Featured documentary about mentally handicapped children. The director asked them to play their selves. The story is simple: a new music teacher comes to the center. He will spend there only a month and he has to teach rhythmic and basic of playing on different instruments. At the beginning, the teacher is not successful, however he gradually begins to understand his pupils and to accept their otherness. Also the children, who are unfaithful and withdrawn, start to open for him for themselves. The film was awarded special prize of critics in 1990 and the FIPRESCI prize at the Mannheim-Heidelberg Film Festival in 1991.

The partner of the screening is civic organization Inventura - Projections with a presence of director Jack Blawut!


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