Abused 0+

(Zneužívaný ), Ivanna Benešová , CZ 2011, Czech version , 75 min

The only thing I allways remember from my childhood was the neverending physical cruelty and every single day drunken mother. And also how she touched me, when I was bathing. It was the worst period of my life ever, and everything coming after that was actually only better. „ this has been said today by thirty years old Filip Z, who was released from prison in February 2009 after serving ten year sentence. He actually killed his mother during mutual fight with her when he was 18 years old. Was it murder, self-defence or just a brute attack? A was 10 year sentence behind bars rightful punishment for a man who suffered so much through his entire childhood?
Documentary movie called Abused is Filip´s personal testament about how much could be person psychologically scared by unhappy childhood and murder of his own mother that followed all that.
After his release Filip tried to find a happy relationship and get on with his life, find a decent job and normal living. Bud it,s impossible to forget his past. It does not forget him and memories are still coming back to haunt him.

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