Across the Border 0+

(Über die Grenze), P. Lozinski - J. Gogola - P. Kerekes - R. Lakatos - B. Cakic–Veselic, RAK 2004, in the original languages / English subtitles, 131 min

Five directors from Central Europe contribute to making an international film reflecting a unique moment of forming up a new European community. On their journey from north to south, each picture shows the different cinematographic touch, different style and different narration, pointing out the function of the border as organising the composition with antinomy, and the border relationship between the subject and the text of Europe. Poland, Pawel Lozinski, Among Fools: a decaying village at the border of the country where a German minority used to live. Czech Republic, Jan Gogola, Borderless České Velenice: an ironic semi–documentary presentation looking for a border stone of the Czech identity. Slovakia, Petr Kerekes, Helper: a civilian helper of the border guards was often a better people–tracker than the soldiers. Hungary, Robert Lakatos, Good Luck!: a gypsy couple on their journey between the Romania–Hungarian Transylvania and Vienna. Slovenia, Biljana Cakic–Veselić, Sea Choreography: due to Croatian claims, fisherman in a bay learn that borders actually exist even where they don’t seem to be – on the sea surface. Screening with presence of the author of the Czech part (Jan Gogola jr.). The partner of the screening is International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava.


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