Adam 0+

Rhys Erns, USA 2019, English / Czech subtitles, 95 min

The year is 2006. Adam is seventeen, lives with his parents in a small town and is not very good at being cool and scoring with the girls. When his older sister, Casey, invites him to spend the summer holidays with her in New York, he's excited: he might finally get lucky. But soon he realises something different is in store for him. He finds himself in the middle of queer bars, marches for equal marriage and other events, and realizes how ridiculous the prejudices he brought to Brooklyn are. So when he falls for Gillian, who considers him to be a trans boy, Adam faces a difficult decision: Should he correct her misconception? Rhys Ernst's feature debut, told with ease and sharp wit, will charm you with its authentic story about the importance of friendship and mutual tolerance, not only within the queer community.

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