Adventure is Calling + B.A.S.E. Jumping + A Southern Quest + New Zealand + Sahara - Treasures in a Sea of Sand 0+

Různí režiséři, original version / Czech subtitles, 104 min
Adventure is Calling + B.A.S.E. Jumping + A Southern Quest + New Zealand + Sahara - Treasures in a Sea of Sand

B.A.S.E. Jumping (Directed by: Olga Abramchik, CZ, 2018, 26 min., czech version)

A Southern Quest (Directed by: David McMeeking, GB, 2018, 26 min., English / Czech subtitles) - A winter expedition to the Antarctic island of South Georgia, led by Stephen Venables and Skip Novak, owner of the famous polar yacht, Pelagic Australis. Ferocious winds forced the team to abort initial plans at the far south end of the island. However, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, they sailed further north and succeeded in making first ascents of the beautiful Trident peaks, which overlook the route taken Shackleton’s legendary traverse of 1916.

New Zealand (Directed by: Scott Palmer, AUS, 2018, 4 min.) 

Adventure is Calling, (Directed by: Lee Burghard, USA, 2018, 5 min.) - Diving to is more than just a recreational sport, it has a much deeper meaning. To many of us its about adventure, exploring the unknown, and that sense of freedom we feel every time we sink beneath the surface. This short film provides a small glimpse into beauty of our underwater world, and what we as divers love so very much about it.

Sahara - Treasures in a Sea of Sand (Directed by: Eva-Maria Rauert Frank Siegwart, D, 2018, 43 min.) - The Sahara Desert is the largest desert on our planet. In the dry sand, Dirk Steffens discovers unexpected treasures: unique life, traces of long lost empires, precious goods and hidden water. In the parched Sahara, water is a precious good. Rainfalls are rare and occur only locally. In many areas there has been no precipitation for years. And once it rains, the water often evaporates before reaching the ground. Man has developed elaborate methods to survive, to even draw water from dunes. Dirk Steffens demonstrates how man and beast survive in one of the most barren environments on our planet. They even manage to coax the most hidden treasures out of the Queen of the Deserts.


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