After a relationship, after love 0+

(Po vztahu, po lásce ), 0000, original version / Czech subtitles, 0 min
After a relationship, after love

Room (Room), director: Dana Bubáková, CZ, 2007, 3 min
An experimental animated film about the unexpected confrontation of illusion and reality.

Center of the Universe (Center of the Universe), director: Jarrah Gurrie, USA/AUS/MAL, 2008, 14 min
Oscar, devastated after breaking up with his boyfriend, tries to solve his problem in such a way that he joins a group of people who heal each other by hugging.

At the End of the Street (Na końcu ulicy), director: Jenifer Malmqvist, PL, English and Czech subtitles, 2007, 14 min
One night on a dark street Alexandra still can’t deal with the fact that her girlfriend has really left her. Maybe her special table and an off-duty cop can help her.

Shotgun (Shotgun), director: Ronny Hirschmann, IL, English and Czech subtitles, 2006, 17 min
A sixteen year old Bruce Springsteen fan finds his first love and the complications his love for the school masher can bring.

Duck Soup (Duck Soup), director: Kathryn Goldie, AUS, 2007, 4 min
When you carry on a monologue about your love sitting opposite you over duck soup, you will come to an unexpected close just as the protagonist in this fresh satire on a relationship.

Country life (Landleben), director: Lukas Egger, CH, English and Czech subtitles, 2007, 16 min
Julian is a simple son of a farmer who loves his idyllic home in the beautiful mountains. His world collides with the world of a big-city party boy who has come to the country, and Julian’s friend brings them together with good intentions.

Area X (Area X), director: Dennis Shinners, USA, 2007, 15 min
A shy student searches for asylum in an underground New York bar where he meets an enchanting stranger who evidently knows about how things work in this X-Zone.

Lucky Blue (Lucky Blue),director: Hakon Liu, S, English and Czech subtitles, 2007, 28 min
A summer night at camp, a first love, caravans, karaoke, and Olle, who finally finds a way and the courage to express his love…


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