AIDS Young People's Words 0+

(SIDA, paroles de jeunes), Gilles Perez , FRA 2005, original version / Czech sub-subtitles, 52 min

In a survey at the start of this film, French secondary school students all agree that it is necessary to use a condom. Since their childhood, this generation has heard about the dangers of HIV infection. But then how is it possible that the rate of infection is increasing? This question is answered by Crystal, Luc, Guillaume, Kumba and Elsa. Crystal is just experiencing her first serious relationship but her boyfriend does not want to take a HIV test. Guillaume is homosexual and in the eyes of many (including his father) he belongs to the group that is most at risk. Luc has known about his illness for three years - he was infected by his boyfriend. When Kumba discovered that she was HIV positive, she left her family so as not to expose them to difficulties in their neighbourhood. She was infected by her first lover, whom she now hates. Thirty-two-year-old Elsa also trusted her partner after a year living with him and stopped using protection. Now she has been living with HIV for eleven years and works at a prevention centre. The manner in which she dealt with her fate shows that AIDS is not a stigma and that it is possible to fight against it like any other illness.


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