Al Almost Made-Up Film 0+

(Skoro úplně vymyšlený film), Tereza Kovářová, CZ 2013, Czech version, 57 min

An independent film written and directed by Tereza Kovářová admits its inspiration in Charles Bukowski’s „An almost made up poem“. The movie begins when a reclusive writer Henry (Petr Kubes) - while returning from afar - finds a pile of letters. There is no salutation and signature, there is just poems written on outdated train ticketsw which reminds him of his own current literary inability. Henry opens one envelope after another reading the lines and even between them… he lets these strange words touch his heart. After a while his imagination seems to be reawakened - he could even start to write again. If he only knew who is the mysterious woman who writes the letters. This unknown beauty and inconstant poetess (Katarína Petrtylová) might be his femme fatale, his infinite source of inspiration. But she wastes her magic in poitless affairs with other artists. While trying to escape from this lifestyle she decides to clamp her hopes to the unsuspecting writer. Could the successful author recognise the letters as a desperate call for help? Timeless story of a platonic and unrealized love in between Henry and his reachless but yet real muse touches two levels. Both the dream, poetic one and the painful factual is connected by the delicate beauty of Katarína Petrtylová as the wounded and wounding poetess.

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