Alive and well in Prague 0+

(Jsme zdrávi a daří se nám dobře...), Edward Longmire, USA 2009, English / Czech subtitles, 73 min
Alive and well in Prague

Four ex-pats living in Prague, Czech Republic have been filmed at intervals over the last 4 years. Stefan, an American, has just made his first film, a porn feature, and is looking to sell it on the open market. Francis, an English teacher, is also harbouring a potentially lethal drinking problem. Todd, a California actor, outlines what it is to be a struggling actor in the city. Ruth, also an English teacher, depicts the long-term effects of staying in a society so different from the one she grew up in.

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Link to an article currently on here.

Director Edward Longmire and several personalities from the film will attend the screening!


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